Trade Mark / Patents/ Copyright

In modern day, commercialisation involves invention, innovation, design, and more importantly, the recognition of a brand.

We believe in protecting the brand, invention and intellectual property in your business, and strongly recommend you register any Trade Mark, Patent and Designs which you created.  Intellectual Property is now treated the same as real estate, a person pays rent to the landlord. In today’s commercial world, a licensee who uses someone else’s Intellectual Property pays royalties to the owner.

What you created belongs to you and your business, and must be protected using the laws of Australia and internationally if you intend to trade overseas. Only by doing so can you make claims against anyone who steals your invention, imitates your brand, or copy your design and pass it off as their own.

In protecting and registering your own Intellectual Property, your rights as an owner is assured and you can claim compensation back from anyone who uses your Intellectual Property without authorisation.

We at Concisus Legal can assist you in preparing, filing and registering your Trade Mark, Design or Patient.

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