Welcome to Concisus Legal

In the commercial market, services are offered by countless companies, firms and entities, but few focus and act for the interest of the client. We believe the interest of the client is the utmost importance and would go beyond ourselves to satisfy our client. That is the basis why Concisus Legal is formed: to be your and your business’ legal representative, to provide you and your business legal solutions, and to assist you and your business growth and grow with you. The establishment of Consisus Legal is to be your dedicated legal team, to be there when you and your business calls, and to provide you with relevant, concise and accurate legal advice. We are established to build a long lasting relationship with you and your business.

In order to act on our believe and be your business’ long term legal representative, we actively listen to you in order to comprehend and understand you and your business including targeted consumers, business plan and business needs, all at our own time unlike other companies which charge you a fee to know your business. In Concisus Legal, we believe any competent lawyer can only offer you tailored legal solution if the lawyer understand the client’s business, to this end, we are dedicated to learning about your business in order to assist you in any legal dealings you and your business may encounter.

Based on the above model and believe, we are structured as a boutique law firm dedicated to offering commercial business solution. We are located in Sydney CBD, convenient and central locations between the commercial district and the Judicial Courts. We are here to offer you and your business tailored legal solutions and advice.

We are experienced in a large range of commercial matters, from normal business transactions, up to multimillion dollar litigation dispute. In all cases, we are dedicated in providing the most efficient and cost effective legal solution to you.

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