Property and Business Purchase

Buying a property, no matter if it is a residential property or commercial property must be one of the biggest purchase anyone do in their life. At Concisus Legal, we understand the importance and believe care and dedication must go into making the purchase simple, smooth and error free.

While other firm's thinks residential sale/purchase differs from commercial sale/purchase, at Concisus Legal, we believe both type of transaction are equally important and carries similar amount of care and attention to protect your interest. A large purchase may have additional details and conditions, however, the same amount of care is required to make sure the Contract for Sale reflects exactly what you wanted, and also to make sure you understand the Contract for Sale completely before having you sign the document.

At Concisus Legal, we take our time to explain the Contract for Sale to you. We step back, do not allow our experience to cloud and assume what we believe is important; we let you tell us what is important to you and act on those instructions.

With the above approach, we offer services including:

Sale or Purchase of Real Property (residential or commercial) including:

  • Contract Advice (for auctions)
  • House
  • Off-the plan purchase
  • Retirement village
  • Rural Property
  • Town House
  • Villa
  • Unit

We offer a fixed fee service for the above transaction. Please contact us in order for us to provide you with a quotation.

For information on what each term means in a contract, please see our definition page.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us by email on or phone +612 8002 1281.