Mediation / Arbitration / Dispute Resolution

In modern times, when a dispute arises, parties always threaten to proceed to Court to have the matter resolved.

We believe times has changed, and before taking the matter to Court, negotiation and discussion between parties should be made to safe both cost, time and stress.

Recently, this approach is also adopted by the Courts of New South Wales where Court orders mediation and arbitration in each civil matter.

We at Concisus Legal can facilitate mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution in helping you

  1. Find the right arbitrator;
  2. Find an expert witness that understands your field;
  3. Provide legal advice about your claim.

A Court hearing can take up to one (1) year to proceed to hearing. Mediation and Arbitration can take place within months. It helps you in resolving your claim and get on with your business. For an extra benefit, if an Arbitrator provides an award in your favour, this award can be enforced by the Courts in Australia. It is therefore highly recommended for Mediation and Arbitration to take place before any legal proceedings.

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