Legal and Corporate Compliance

We understanding running a business is both exciting and rewarding, but will consume most of the business owner’s time in managing and running the business. In Australia, business owners need to be mindful of legal and corporate compliance associated with the business.

We believe business owners are busy enough managing the finances and operation of the business; we are here to assist you to manage the compliance aspect of your business such that your business is protected from claims from government bodies.

To list some of the compliance issues:

  1. Risk Management
    • HR policies
    • Occupation Health and Safety (OHS)
    • Anti-Discrimination Policies
  2. Legal Compliance
    • Appropriate Insurance (Example: Workcover)
    • Licensing (Example: Liquor license)
  3. ATO compliance
    • Taxation requirements including:
      • Pay as You Go (PAYG)
      • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
      • Superannuation
      • Stamp Duty (Office of State Revenue)
  4. ACCC compliance
    • Consumer protection
    • Disclaimers to be provided to consumers
  5. ASIC
    • Australian Financial Service (AFS) compliance
    • Corporate Compliance
    • Corporate governance
    • Director and Shareholder meeting
    • Director’s obligations
    • Reporting to ASIC
    • Breach of duties
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Training schedules
    • Suspicion of breach
    • Anti-money laundering reporting

We at Concisus Legal can assist you and your business in any of the above compliance issues, so you can spend your time in managing your business.

It is recommended that you seek consultation with us such that you understand what your obligations are as a business owner, Director or shareholder in order to know your rights, obligations and liabilities.

Contact us at Concisus Legal today to see how we can assist you ensuring your business and company compliance with each of the regulatory bodies.

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