Employment Law / Employment Dispute

We believe employees are the core of any business. As such, it is important to have their rights and obligations written into a Contract such that both employer and employees knows their rights, obligations and responsibilities.

An Employment Contract (Enterprise Agreement) is an important tool to define and detail the type of work, remuneration and conditions of work between an employer and employee. It is strongly recommended that all employers have at least one Enterprise Agreement for their employees.

It is also important to have separate policies in place to strengthen the business structure. Some policies that are recommended for businesses are:

  1. Human Resources Policy
  2. Training Policy
  3. Anti-Discrimination Policy
  4. Email policy
  5. Internet Use policy
  6. Complaint policy

We at Concisus Legal can provide you with tailored policies and contracts for you, your business, and your employees. We believe in ensuring both employers and employees are clear on their responsibilities as a big part to a successful business.

Employment Dispute

We can assist in employment disputes between employers and employees. We are experienced in acting for employers in maintaining their rights, defending allegations and unjust claims.

We are here to facilitate the negotiation between employers and employees in explaining the rights and obligations, and the effect of the recently introduced Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).

Despite our best efforts, some cases do get referred to the Fair Works Ombudsman if both parties cannot come to an agreement. We can represent the claimant or respondent in the claim and liaise directly with Fair Work Ombudsman on your behalf.

We aim to take the pressure from you, and to explain to you in clear and simple terms your rights, the progress and the nature of the claim.

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