Environment Policy

Version 1.3
Updated January 2013

1.            Introduction
1.1          In recent times, environment and environmental protection is a hot topic. We believe in protecting the environment as it forms part of the space we occupy.

2              Background

2.1          Concisus Legal Pty Ltd (Concisus Legal) is an Incorporated Legal Practice in New South Wales, Australia.

2.2          Concisus Legal is conscious about the environment as it will affect our clients and the future of all mankind. This policy is to govern how Concisus Legal will reduce its carbon footprint on this planet.

2.3          Concisus Legal believe as officer of the Courts, Solicitors have an obligation to observe and follow the directions handed down by our government, and to lead an example on how to progress into the future.  This will by no means affect and impact on our service to our clients, but on the contrary, introduce new practices which will be more efficient and at the same time, protect the environment.

3.            Quality of our service
3.1          At Concisus Legal, our clients will always come first. We are here to assist, serve and advice our clients. While doing so, we use methods which minimises our environmental footprint, prevent pollution and unnecessary waste, and comply with all legal requirements.

3.2          We endeavour to assist our clients in all their legal issues to the best of our abilities, but we also care about the future not just for our clients, but for our colleagues, family and fellow Australians. In reducing our carbon footprint, we are certain we can make a difference in the future for all individuals on planet earth.

4.            Recycling
4.1          Concisus Legal will recycle all waste it generates through the recycling facility available.

4.2          All sensitive and private information collected by Concisus Legal will be destroyed through secured bins, and be disposed of as security waste.

5.            Printing
5.1          Concisus Legal will only print documents where it is deemed necessary. If a document can be read by staff electronically, staff members of Concisus Legal will not print such document in order to reduce its carbon waste.

5.2  All correspondence will be saved electronically where available and will not be printed unless it is necessary to do so. Necessity includes:

  • Upon the client’s request;
  • To be presented to the relevant Court;
  • To be served on the other party;
  • To form a brief to Counsel;
  • Any other times as it may be appropriate.

6.            Communications
6.1          Concisus Legal will prefer written communications by way of Email.

6.2          All Emails sent or received will be saved electronically. They will not be printed unless it is necessary.

7.            Contact
7.1          The primary contact for Concisus Legal is:

Office Address:                 Office 40, Level 6, 301 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Postal Address: Office 40, Level 6, 301 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 8002 1281
Fax:                        (02) 9281 5549
Email:                    admin@concisus.com.au


If any individual has any complaint about Concisus Legal’s Environmental should contact Concisus Legal on admin@concisus.com.au. All contacts and complaints are dealt with in confidence.