Civil / Corporate / Commercial litigation

Concisus Legal is able to conduct litigation proceedings on your behalf in the New South Wales Supreme Court (including Court of Appeal), District Court, Local Court and various tribunals. Our lawyers are also experiencing in litigating in Federal Courts throughout Australia.

At Concisus Legal, we recognize that in most cases, disputes and litigation are a time-consuming and costly distraction from running a profitable business.  For most clients, legal disputes are an unfortunate drain on these resources that could be better directed to increasing the productivity of your business.

To begin with, when we receive instructions from clients, we ensure that our advice and recommendations are structured in a way that resolves your disputes in a just, quick and efficient manner. In close collaboration with you, we aim to design solutions that are commercially sensible and practical.

To begin with, we keep you fully informed as to prospects of success and give an accurate fee estimate prior to commencing any litigation. Where possible, we aim to resolve matters by means of alternate dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, without the need for court intervention. This is usually more efficient and less costly than litigation, and we ensure you are best placed to make a fully informed decision when it comes to settling your dispute.

Despite our best endeavours, many of our matters do end up in expensive and protracted proceeding in court. When this happens, our excellent knowledge of the procedural and substantive aspects of law allows us to act swiftly and identify the correct remedy needed by you. Our team of meticulous lawyers will vigorously defend your interests in court in order to obtain a favourable outcome for you.

We offer services in the following litigious fields:

  • bankruptcy and insolvency,
  • claims in respect of misleading and deceptive conduct,
  • debt recovery,
  • director, shareholder and partnership disputes,
  • external administration of companies, including voluntary administrations and receivership,
  • franchising disputes,
  • leasing disputes, including interpretation and enforcements,
  • negligence
  • seeking remedies for contractual disputes, including specific performance, termination and damages,

If you are interested in our services, please contact us by email on or phone +612 8002 1281.