We believe property leasing is a delicate task that needs to spell out the fine details, condition and term of the relationship. Although some party prefer to leave this to the real estate agent, or do the task themselves, we maintain our believe that unless the person doing the job is experienced and attends to all the fine details, it leaves the unprotected party exposed to future disputes and could incur additional legal fees down the track.

At Concisus Legal, we take our time to listen to you, and offer assistance in:

  • Negotiating on your behalf with the lessor or lessee (landlord or tenant) in relation to terms and conditions of a lease;
  • Advising you on lease documents;
  • Preparing lease documentation for your commercial or residential property;
  • Assisting you in obtaining compliance with lease terms and conditions;
  • Negotiating your exit from a lease;
  • Any dispute or negotiation about rent, condition of the premises, property, access, maintenance;
  • Attend tribunal (Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal   - CTTT, Administrative Decisions Tribunal New South Wales – ADT, Local Court, District Court, Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal – QCAT)
  • Representing you in dispute resolution or litigation with respect to a lease.

We value our experience and utilise such experience in helping you. At Concisus Legal, our solicitors are experienced in dealing with

  • Aircraft and industrial leases;
  • Court and Tribunal appearance for lease disputes;
  • Franchise related leases;
  • General commercial leases;
  • Personnel leasing/contract;
  • Plants and Equipment leasing;
  • Retail leases;
  • Residential lease;
  • Retirement village lease;
  • Shopping Center leases;
  • Tenancy dispute.

We are dedicated to making sure your interest is protected by placing emphasis on the lease document to reflect and protect your rights.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us by email on admin@concisus.com.au or phone +612 8002 1281.